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Taking On Goliath

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

An inspiring quote at the "Your Life Your Terms" event in Mississauga
An inspiring quote at the "Your Life Your Terms" event

Success leaves clues. So every chance we get, we attend conferences and learn from those around us. Last weekend, we attended the "Your Life Your Terms" event in Mississauga.

One of the speakers was a co-founder of Wind Mobile who ended up selling his business for $1.6 billion to Shaw. His story of navigating the intricacies of entering a regulated market, financing a startup of that magnitude, and getting it operational within a very short period of time was mind-blowing. But most of all, getting nearly shut down multiple times by the three wireless moguls here in Canada who didn't want to share part of their market cap with a startup is what really caught my attention. We are a country truly run by the oligarchy. We need more entrepreneurs to challenge the status quo, to introduce competition to the establishment, and ultimately bring down prices for Canadians.

Much has been made of collusion at the highest levels of the grocery store chains to increase pricing. We now know of the telecom giants (the industry Goliaths) and how they also work together to keep prices elevated for Canadians. The banking system is also a monopoly. The energy sector isn't much different. I'm sure there are more examples.

We need people like you to build businesses. We need visionaries to bring change to this country, while people like us support you to get you to where you are going.

At B&B Business Services, we are proud of the value that we can bring to your business and can review and help you stay on top of any potential issues as they arise. We are here to report the news, give you strategies to improve, and support you in growing your business – and we'll do it with a smile!

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